A Spiritual Path through Art   

Mixed Media is my favorite form of art. It draws many parallels to real life. It is messy, unpredictable and has layers just like us. It reminds us that despite what event we think is a “mess up”, it may very well become our favorite piece. That the very item we dislike turns out to be our favorite,  once we let go of the outcome.  Art to me is a unique ability to let our energy free flow. Once we tap into it, we are expanding. Mixed Media combined with my spiritual practices,  brought me to the wings or rather them to me. 

Having some great loss recently, I realized that we have angels around us, and some of us are lucky to know some on this earth. I also feel we all have a Rising Phoenix in us. That we all are in a constant state of rebirth, like the Phoenix or we need to be reminded of angels. Maybe you have lost your very own angel. I have met people who remind me of fairies, of other sprites. There seems to be a set of wings for everyone.

My Process

Teaching art for almost two decades, I have run across many different forms, but I enjoy Mixed Media the most. I am able to free myself and meditate while making these. I can assure you I did not start out doing it this way, it started happening on its own. It is as though, I am not really in charge of the shape, and sometimes the color. Sometimes, I rather dislike some. I don't like the shape, the color or even the vibe. It was after I put them out for sale and someone would come up and say, "Those are mine!" or "Those are for me!' I then figured out that this was not about me at all. Of course I wasn't in love with those wings, they were someone else's. Unique to only them. It was helping people find that connection. We are all so unique and so are the wings that connect us to the divine. I hope you find a pair here, and if not, check back in with me, maybe they are being made right now! :) 

Each piece of art work made is infused with Reiki energy.

My Energy Work

Having always been drawn to the spiritual as a child and through my adulthood, I am lucky to have met my spiritual teachers. Through them I now can call myself  a Reiki Master Teacher, Theta Practitioner and Clairvoyant Reader. Currently I teach about Reiki, Chakras, Journeying, Divination as a spiritual tool as I continue my education through UMS as well as  intensive programs for energy work.  I live with my beautiful family and animals in Newcastle, CA. I continue to teach, learn and experience through this amazing life we are given. Love and Blessings for coming to visit.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Thank you

-Amy Ricci