Common Questions

Frequently asked questions

Will my artwork yellow over time or if it is in direct sunlight?

All Mixed Media has been assembled with PVA (Polyvinyl Acetate Glue) A sealer has been applied on top as a final barrier for your artwork which keeps its color and vibrancy. Keeping this in mind, with any form of art, direct or even very bright indirect sunlight can change brightness, color and cause fading. These will last a lifetime if taken care of. All resin artworks are VERY resistant to color changes and even more protected, however please keep out of sunlight, nothing much stands up to sunlight.

Some of my feathers are sticking up a bit is this normal?

Yes! In Mixed media, there can be a mixed bag of supplies that are used. Different papers with different textures as well as how they may react to the adhesives as well. Some puckering or folds may happen. It is normal and a part of the unique way your image has been layed out and designed. If your art work is in resin, there will still be texture but very little

Can I do a custom order?

Yes and No. For the most part, I don't, due to the variables as to how they come out. In many ways, I don't feel like I always design the piece. I meditate and try and connect. I feel like the divine helps a great deal in the design process, after that, I feel like more of the artist. The wings never turn out the same and are unpredictable. With custom work, people tend to not be as happy because they have created something in thier minds that I can not always reproduce. Yes, if there are extream situations. I will do custom work for people who have lost children. If you want to send me items that you want in the wings, such as papers that have significant meaning to the parent. I.E, wrapping paper from bithdays, artwork from the child, photos. Prices will reflect double. I will not use the originals due to obvious reasons unless you want me to. I tend to use copies of these items.So the work can be double. If you are interested in a peticular set of colors, then let me know and I can do my best.

Can or how do I clean the mixed media artwork?

All Mixed media is sealed with a sealant and some are behind glass. A light dusting and damp rag if needed. Most require no tending to. I do not recomend any cleansers and prolonged or saturated moisture.

Does my artwork come with the frame?

Your art will come how ever it is photographed. That may be just a canvas, framed or behind glass. Each description should state how it comes. Some glass pieces may be removed before photography to help with the glare. (hard to photograph through glass)