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"Blue Angel" Mixed Media

"Blue Angel" Mixed Media


Blue Angel is a blend of blue and gold textures that look like they may come off the canvas! In this mixed media piece, many mediums were used to make many different layers. Item comes complete with frame and is ready to hang in its vintage reused frame. This is original artwork and is Not printed or reprinted. You will own the only one. Hours go into the creation of these and I don't always feel I am the only one creating it. I feel these wings are personal and there for, they are as unique as the individuals that would choose them.

Items may include paper, paint, inks, reused items, found objects, beads, crystals, glitter or other similar medium, and then finally resin.



35 inches wide X 25 inches tall


This artwork has glitter and reflective parts and can be hard to picture properly.


SHIPPING: This one is pricy to ship. Please contact me for information about shipping as it is a odd shape according to the shipping companies. :)

  • Return & Refund Policy

    Please look at all photos before purchasing. Lighting through different devices can vary and I do my very best to give you the most realistic photos. please also check measurments and measure your walls before purchasing. I will not refund shipping prices and will ask a 45% restocking fee on the price of the art if you don't end up liking the piece. Return shipping will be the responsibility of the customer. If the item is broken or damaged then please contact me and we can figure out what has happened.

  • Care and Cleaning

    Please take care to not place this piece in direct sunlight as it may distort and discolor your art work. Your piece is sealed with a sealer so if you need to go over it lightly with a damp cloth than do so. Regular dusting is helpful.