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Hand Painted Saging Feathers "Peacock Power"

Hand Painted Saging Feathers "Peacock Power"


Beautiful for ceremony, weddings, or everyday saging.

Hand painted on the full moons, on eclipses or other meaningful astrological events. Each feather measures at least 12 inches and is rapped in Sari Silk with additional charms, beads or totems. I run Reiki energy over these after I complete them and ask that they hold the pure energy from the full moon.  These feathers are Goose feathers, I am able to find some naturally and some I have to purchase.


The act of saging or clearing ones energy field is a wonderful way to set intention or to bring back in ceremony. Please see that these all are never going to be the same. Each one is unique and can never be completely reproduced. The actual feather I am painting at midnight on the full moon is marked MIDNIGHT.


Whether it be incense from Asia and Europe to the sage n cedar of the indigenous Americans, the smoke from plants has a history in spiritual practice that goes way back. The smoke has a purifying effect and many traditions refrained from using thier hands to move it. Many tribes used feathers. This sacred animal was known to be both part of land and the Earth as well as a part of the heavens above. With a feather you could use it to effectivly direct the smoke as well as clean the energy from a space or person. The feather is really shaped like a comb and when waved over a person or thing, combed away negativity.


  • Care/ Shipping/ Returns

    Please be careful when saging. Feathers can catch on fire. Please take care of your feathers form. Feathers can pull apart if not transported correctly or not respected. The paint is acrylic and will come off if water is applied and preasure is applied. If respect is given to this piece it will be with you for years to come. If seperations do occur in your feather, lightly place a finger behind the feather and infront of the seperation. Press lightly and slowly smooth towards the outside of the feather. Some seperations are natural and just part of the feather. Coming from nature, most feathers are not perfect.


    Shipping is $10 for each feather, there is no charge for additional feathers if bought at the same time.


    Please contact me about returns on feathers. I feel I photograph each feather extensivly and if for some reason you are not pleased let me know. A 25% restocking fee will be charges and ALL shipping charges are the responsibilty of the customer.