Store Policy

Customer Care
Policy for returning Art:
Please read ALL measurements for your walls and of the art you are interested in carefully! I do not ever make modifications of the photos. All Art work is original and I do no prints! You will own a unique never duplicated, One of a kind set of wings. I feel they are as unique as the people they go to. Please understand there are hours of time that go into the process of making these.  I use no filters and do my very best to get colors as accurately as possible. I will do my best to move in on the shots as close as I can so you can see that they really look different from all angles as well as detail up close and a whole different feeling far away. For this reason, I usually do not take back artwork. If you are really wanting to make sure it is the right color or shade, please contact me for more photos. Please feel free to contact me about items. I feel these wings go to whom they are guided to by higher powers, so if they are meant to be yours, they will be.
Privacy & Safety

I’m a small artist and so is my set up but your happiness is my goal. I am always concerned about to much info being out in the world, so if you are sharing yours with me to pay for art, I treat it with respect and will keep it as safe as my own. I do NOT gather, share or distribute any information. If you contact me with your Credit Card or Debt card, it will be destroyed after payment is confirmed and received.  Full payment must be received before artworks are sent. You may use Paypal or other secure banking options as well as Credit/Debt. I use Apple square at most shows locally.


Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payments